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EEMC Fashion


Hey everyone,

I started designing clothes for a while and these are my home-made designs:



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Whats your opinion?

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My dreams



Hey guys, 


So everyone has dreams, and these are mine, I already have dream 5, my pink apple laptop.


1. Marry?

It sounds very cliché, but it seems really fun to get married! Its preparation, a beautiful dress and enjoying the day. But also be asked in marriage seems to me very, very special! I wonder if this has happened in 10 years! Maybe

2. A dog

My parents have a very sweet dog named Bo. Since I’m out of the house and living with my boyfriend I miss him now and then. It is such a sweetheart and he’s always happy. I can not wait to open the door to my parents to do and see that he runs back to me! Having a dog I feel so cozy. We also have a cat and it would be nice if he could get, right? With a boyfriend

3. With our kids to the beach

From childhood I have been to New Zealand on holiday. I thought it was super fun! Therefore, it seems very nice to have children in the future and also to carry. Them to the beach How cute is it for children with a bucket and a shovel to see!

4. A blog / beauty room

We are engaged in the search for a house. It would be really great if there remains a small room that I can appoint blog / beauty room! A private room for a nice blog, with makeup to be busy and a fine place for example to make my blog videos. (I know I should do this more often ..)

5. Still blogging

I hope that I can be. Working on my blog about 10 years still I love to be on it and there’s so much energy in stabbing!

6. Genuine pizza in Italy

I like pizza so yummy! Although I must say that I really do not like frozen pizza. Therefore it seems to me very much like to go sometime to Italy and eat pizza! It should be a world of difference being compared with the pizzas that we have in the Netherlands.

7. A Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 has been on my list of favorite cars! They are cute, compact and ideal for touring cars to get you around!

8. To Paris

Paris is my feeling really such a city where you should be! Been just once Therefore it seems to me incredibly fun sometime the Eiffel Tower in the really admire, to walk the streets and feel cute! Parisienne a





So what’s your dream? let me know




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The Story of a Couple Who Played Video Games While Their Child Died

The Story of a Couple Who Played Video Games While Their Child Died


One day in March 2010, news began to surface that police in South Korea had arrested a couple for the death of their daughter Sarang, the Korean word for “love.” She was only three months old. By the time her parents called local authorities to report her death, she was severely underweight—dropping from her birth weight of 6.4 to 5.5 pounds. An autopsy revealed that she died of malnutrition.

Her death attracted international attention once police revealed its disturbing cause: Sarang had slowly starved due to negligence. Her parents, both unemployed and living in relative poverty, would leave her alone for six to twelve hours at a time while they visited local PC cafes to play Prius, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing game that was popular in the country at the time.

The tragic irony of Sarang’s death is that her parents neglected proper attention and care because they were playing a game that allowed its players to foster virtual children known as “Anima.” Massively, an MMO-focused gaming site, described the Anima as “the raison d’etre for Prius” in a 2011 story about a presentation discussing the game at that year’s Game Developers Conference.

“A large part of Prius‘ gameplay revolves around getting to know your Anima’s personality as well as gauging her moods and persuading her to help you with your game goals and various quests,” Massively wrote. The virtual child was a central feature of many different aspects of the game’s combat and levelling system. Getting to know the Anima’s particular personality and backstory was considered an integral part of the game’s story. gPotato, the company that supported the game’s online services, hailed the Anima as “a quantum leap when it comes to MMORPG pet design, as she not only requires character progression of her own apart from your main avatar but also serves as a gateway to the game’s crafting implementation.”

The Story Of A Couple Who Played Video Games While Their Child Died

Sarang’s parents weren’t able to support their real child. But their devotion to Priussuggested that the concept of genuinely successful parenting wasn’t foreign to them, either. So why did the couple fail in their real-world responsibilities when they were enthralled by like-minded virtual ones?

The criminal investigation and ensuing trial ultimately concluded that it was because both of them were suffering from a crippling addiction to the video game. The court judging Sarang’s parents ultimately gave them a lenient sentence that involved no prison time. The father, awash with guilt, ended up volunteering himself for incarceration as an act of profound contrition.

The story of Sarang and her parents is at the centre of Love Child, a new documentary directed by Valerie Veatch. If you can find somewhere to watch it, I would recommend the movie for anyone unfamiliar with the story or the many nuances of South Korea’s game industry and culture more generally. It’s a comprehensive and refreshingly diplomatic approach to an issue that’s often so fraught with cultural panic that just trying to talk about it in a reasonable way can be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible.

Whether or not you think that Sarang’s parents deserve any of the sympathy that the authorities showed them, Love Child makes a strong case for the cultural and political significance of their story. The fact that they weren’t viewed as criminals through and through has some intriguing implications in particular. Andrew Salmon, one of the first journalists who covered the story for an international audience and a central character in Love Child, explains early on in the film that the criminal sentencing established “a far-reaching legal precedent” to treat video game addiction “as a mitigating factor in crimes” similar to “psychological problems, drug addiction, and drunkenness.”

Love Child shows how this “legal precedent” has already started to work its way into many aspects of South Korean gaming culture in the four years since Sarang’s tragic story first came to light. Many popular video games now contain time-lock features that block players (particularly young ones) from playing for too long or during certain times of the day. Legislation has been drawn up to address compulsive game-related behaviour in similar ways to other kinds of addiction or mental illness. Rehabilitation centres and treatment programmes have popped up across the country to help struggling gamers address damaging or compulsive behaviour.

One rehab centre that is detailed in the movie shows a young man rigged up to an intricate series of screens and monitors and administered a sort of aversion therapy that looked sort of like a less scary, dystopian version of a notorious scene fromClockwork Orange. The patient is shown a series of nature-themed videos set to soothing music. Afterwards, they’re shown footage of a video game while harsh, discordant music is played alongside the video.

The Story Of A Couple Who Played Video Games While Their Child Died

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Love Child is at its best when it sticks to these specific examples detailing the intricacies of the Korean video game industry and the elements that have sprung up to respond to its excesses. But this is not a perfect movie. Veatch spends remarkably little time with the family at the heart of her documentary, and we never hear from the parents directly. For a story that’s moving because of its tragic, human details, the absence of the actual people who were most closely involved is unfortunate.

When I asked Veatch about this, she told me that she didn’t include the parents partly out of respect for their privacy. But she also said she just didn’t think they were “very good characters.”

Why make a movie about them, then? Obviously the drama of Sarang’s tragic death is a major pull for an investigation into an overarching issue that affects both gamers and the people close to them. When it came to actually speaking to her parents, however, Veatch said that she ran into hurdles communicating to them effectively. She told me that throughout the eight weeks she gave to reporting and filming in Korea, she spent one afternoon actually talking to the couple face-to-face. She was more interested in focusing on the broader cultural questions at play here, she reasoned.

This is troubling for no other reason than that it seems to blur the line, intentionally or not, between a personal story and a societal one. Veatch consults with experienced lawyers, doctors, and psychologists in her movie. But addiction is something that is only ever truly experienced on a personal level. Understanding it in a way that would allow us to truly empathise with the people who are genuinely suffering would require getting at least some access to their inner life.

The Story Of A Couple Who Played Video Games While Their Child Died

This gets to a tension at the heart of Love Child. The movie presents two different views of video game addiction: a genuine malady, and an unwieldy concept that causes unnecessary controversy and ultimately distracts us from the real issue—whatever that may be. After raising both as compelling possibilities, it never settles on one over the other.

Veatch, meanwhile, makes some disturbing implications about the financial impetus game developers feel to keep their players hooked into a game, as well as the overall importance of the game industry to the tech boom that has propelled South Korea’s economy to new heights in recent years, as factors that might have led the country to address Sarang’s death less decisively than it should have. But she stops short of making any strong statements in this regard.

Speaking to Veatch, it sounded like she was more interested in raising big questions than trying to answer all of them. She told me that she’s not even sure that “addiction” is the proper term to use when discussing video games, for instance. It’s a “flawed paradigm” that invites misinterpretation and unnecessary panic, she argued.

Leaving fruitful questions open for further discussion isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. But it’s become too easy to leave any inquiry into the addictive power of video games tothe “expert” class of lawyers and doctors like the ones Veatch consults in her film. It’s time that we start proposing clear answers—artistic and ethical ones. Because if we don’t, I’m scared what the future of video games might look like.

As for the story of Sarang’s parents? Prius was shut down in 2013 after years of waning popularity. The two of them have another child now. The father has a real job, outside of any MMO, and the mother stays at home tending to her child. A lawyer for the family says that the couple has sworn off video games for good.


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Two hours hard working has done it’s work: I got a new lay-out, my blog finally has categories. Seriously, I googled whole the world to find out how to do it and I couldn’t find it, so….

THANK YOU BRAINS ❤ I tried a hundred times hundred different things and after two hours I found out how to make subcategories to my blog.

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Recognizing drug abuse in teenagers

Drug Free Forever

Great read from the Mayo Clinic:


Most drug addictions start with casual or social use of a drug. For some people, using the drug becomes a habit, and its use becomes more and more frequent. As time passes, you may need larger doses of the drug to get high. Soon you may need the drug just to feel good. As your drug use increases, you may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to go without the drug. Stopping may cause intense cravings and make you feel physically ill (withdrawal symptoms). Read More

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Sport till you drop, Challenge day #3

Hey Gossers and other visitors!

Welcome to my blog. I want to challenge you with a SPORT challenge! This is my third day at the fitness school and my goal is gonna gain an awesome but and a crunchy six-pack, tomorrow I will upload my ”before” photo and about 30 days I’m gonna upload an after photo. I challenge you to do the same and post your photos ”before-after” after going each day for 1 hour going to the fitness school. So send me, or make a blog post and tag me in it! Or reblog my post and make a blogpost.

You can also mail your photos to:

Girls, let’s get fit aaaand gain that beautiful but and belly. You don’t have an abbo for the fitness school? Try my squad and crunch scheme, they are posted under this text. So no excuses anymore and sport till you drop.



























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