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EEMC Fashion


Hey everyone,

I started designing clothes for a while and these are my home-made designs:



design14 design16 hak2hak4  hak6 hak11 design5 design7


Whats your opinion?

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My dreams



Hey guys, 


So everyone has dreams, and these are mine, I already have dream 5, my pink apple laptop.


1. Marry?

It sounds very cliché, but it seems really fun to get married! Its preparation, a beautiful dress and enjoying the day. But also be asked in marriage seems to me very, very special! I wonder if this has happened in 10 years! Maybe

2. A dog

My parents have a very sweet dog named Bo. Since I’m out of the house and living with my boyfriend I miss him now and then. It is such a sweetheart and he’s always happy. I can not wait to open the door to my parents to do and see that he runs back to me! Having a dog I feel so cozy. We also have a cat and it would be nice if he could get, right? With a boyfriend

3. With our kids to the beach

From childhood I have been to New Zealand on holiday. I thought it was super fun! Therefore, it seems very nice to have children in the future and also to carry. Them to the beach How cute is it for children with a bucket and a shovel to see!

4. A blog / beauty room

We are engaged in the search for a house. It would be really great if there remains a small room that I can appoint blog / beauty room! A private room for a nice blog, with makeup to be busy and a fine place for example to make my blog videos. (I know I should do this more often ..)

5. Still blogging

I hope that I can be. Working on my blog about 10 years still I love to be on it and there’s so much energy in stabbing!

6. Genuine pizza in Italy

I like pizza so yummy! Although I must say that I really do not like frozen pizza. Therefore it seems to me very much like to go sometime to Italy and eat pizza! It should be a world of difference being compared with the pizzas that we have in the Netherlands.

7. A Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 has been on my list of favorite cars! They are cute, compact and ideal for touring cars to get you around!

8. To Paris

Paris is my feeling really such a city where you should be! Been just once Therefore it seems to me incredibly fun sometime the Eiffel Tower in the really admire, to walk the streets and feel cute! Parisienne a





So what’s your dream? let me know




Gossip Girl


A.k.a. Eline Colijn

Why Does My Nose Get Stuffy After a Workout?

Q: Why Does My Nose Get Stuffy After a Workout?


The question: A lot of times when I push myself hard during a workout, I feel like I have a mini cold for like three hours, and then it goes away. Why does this happen?

The experts: Aaron Pearlman, M.D., an assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology at Weill Cornell Medical College; Sabrina Strickland, M.D., an orthopedic sports surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery

A: The answer: First the bad news: Since this annoying problem isn’t actually all that common, not much research has been done to explain why it happens. But there are a few theories, says Pearlman.

First, when you exercise, the blood flow to the tiny blood vessels in your nose starts to slow down. This shrinks the tissues responsible for creating mucus, while widening your air passages. When this happens, you take in more air—along with more of those pesky allergens floating inside the gym or outdoors, potentially triggering an allergic response, he says.

Another reason why your wider air passages might cause your nose to feel stuffy later: After you stop working out, blood rushes back to those little blood vessels in your nasal tissue. This might fill up the blood vessels toomuch, causing them to dilate, partially blocking your airways and making you feel stuffed up.  

The last theory about why you feel like you’re allergic to working out is that, well, you might be having an allergic reaction to working out. You see, when you hit the gym, your body loses heat and water, and that can make cells release histamines into your blood stream causing an allergic reaction, a.k.a. your clogged nose, says Pearlman.

Not sure which of these is the culprit for your post-workout congestion? Try observing which areas of the gym trigger this reaction. For example, if you’re totally fine after a bootcamp class but always start sniffing after hitting thetreadmill, you might be allergic to the chemicals used to clean the equipment, says Strickland (who has patients who can’t work out at a gym for that exact reason). If you can nail down what aggravates your nose, you can avoid that area completely or see an allergist to get tested and get a prescription antihistamine.

If the location of your workout doesn’t seem to have any impact on your symptoms, dilation of the capillaries in your nose or your body’s allergic response to exercise might be to blame, says Pearlman. When you start feeling congested, you can try using a saline mist to rinse out the mucus. Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do. The truth is that even though your body might be producing histamines as you work out, data shows that antihistamine medications don’t help this problem, says Pearlman.

The good news is that relief from your clogged nose should be just a few hours away. After you’re done working out, your body realizes it doesn’t have to be stressed out any more and recovers, says Pearlman. If your cold-like symptoms last longer than a few hours or you think you might be allergic to something at the gym, talk to your doctor.