School begin, rumors and gossips begin: My first day


Hey lovely Gossers, this is my monday morning ! ❤

There once was a Monday morning

There once was … shit, Monday. In the middle of my dream I am woken by an irritating sound. With one eye open, I look where the sound comes from: 1 out of 5 Alarm going off. I’m sleeping well, so well that I can do it even with my eyes closed. Since I want to come to school on time, I’m half an hour slumber on. Bah, it’s 6:30. There was a period in my life where I at 06.00 am on the sidewalk was my job: To deliver the Telegraph and the Noord-Hollands Dagblad. This all has to do with the training that happen I will follow. I grab my bag, walk half sleepwalking down the stairs, almost fall on my face and jump in the shower. After showering I eat so very healthy apple, which apple is now unhealthy?

Besides the low pesticides is sprayed over it. Half an hour later I’m a novice rughernia at the station. What fool has figured out that you should take? Your laptop to school What’s wrong with my pretty pink notebook where I just sit on the old-fashioned way can write a story. Simply, hand, pen and paper. One thing I know for sure: After school I dump the laptop in my locker. I do not have a sense of herniated discs to run, at the end of the year around, I mean, that’s for old people? Not for a 19 year old who has just finished her first year After the eternal, irritating ‘Welcome passengers, this train goes to Amsterdam Sloterdijk, do not forget to check out “,” sound, I’m on Sloterdijk. The morning started clear: People in the age group of 16 to 50 years are available at the station. You see the different groups already formed, the businessmen, the students and working mothers. These students are divided into groups, such as the stoners, hippies, alternatives, the ” I can use my daddy’s credit card, hence I have just bought a new Michael Kors bag ‘and other types.

Also, I’ll have some acquaintances, one boy is far too cheerful for a Monday morning. Personally, I’m a little scared of each person who is cheerful for 9:00 am on a Monday morning. What did that take? So I keep a safe distance between me and the boy. Once at school I smoke my cigarette and go inside. ‘Hey classmates’ “I say. Half nine we’re in the classroom, and I will take my time to spend for ICT room, where a cranky ICT husband is that I just like to point that I should not be walking, just walk around until 09:00 because according to him I would have seen that he called. Hello, good morning, I’m not a psychic? But this man, I’m not as scared as those happy boy. His mood is the perfect mood that every student and teacher 09.00 should have.
This was my morning: Wake up, breakfast and school.






You know you love me,


Gossip Girl


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