H & M for silver


Hey Gossers, ❤

We all love fashion, we all love beauty and… the most of us love the H&M. So for the people who like this brand I wrote an article. Her it is, have fun!

We start at August 31, 1989, H & M creates and thinks big. Please 11 cities are at once equipped with H & M. Fooks, the H & M has taken over, starting the beginning of the now famous red logo which is a fixed element in the street. Known for its affordable price and modern clothing is this label a major breakthrough in the fashion industry.
This brand has changed the Dutch streets and the attitudes of Dutch relative fashion. Even people on a budget now have access to fashion. The Netherlands is one of the first countries where the Swedish brand settles.
This October, the largest H & M opened in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is not the largest H & M in the world, but in Europe. This H & M gets the largest shoe department and the largest sports department.
Of course, the H & M points that can be improved, such as renovation of the shop floor, which I inscribed on the new store and presentation concepts and customer service. There would also be more comfortable to be. For buyers
An interesting fact is that the store first just called Hennes, that ‘her’ means in Swedish. In 1968 the business expanded.
The H & M is one o f the most popular, most affordable clothing label. But like every store there for improvement.



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