The New Fashion Faces

Hey Gossers and other visitors,

A casting agency contacted me about a casting call event in the Netherlands! They asked me to promote their event, and I love the event ❤

I know a lot of models, like you, so this is the perfect call for you! And if you want to meet me.. come to the casting, because I will be there too 🙂

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There are many girls and women with talent and a beautiful appearance, which is not how to grow in their modeling career further. Model Agencies and fashion agencies are always looking for new talent. The New Fashion Faces is the solution to these girls / women who want to make to realize their dreams. Genuine steps Our goal is for these two parties to be linked.
the event
The New Faces Fashion is an event designed for girls / women who like model, actress and dancer or want to be. Participating in this event is the best way to find out whether the (inter) national modeling world which is for aspiring models.
On The New Faces Fashion casting event 300 aspiring models may take up to two guests to support. Their After checking the models get two vouchers consumption, a short catwalk training and a photo shoot prior to the presentation for the scouts. The training is short and is meant to get. Presentation of the key points on a catwalk to the attention After the photo shoot, the candidates are given three simple, uniform and professional printed photos meant to show. The scouts After that candidates present themselves to the international and national agencies.
The casting event will take place on November 29, 2014 from 09:30 to 18:00 at the Event Centre The Nightingale, Heereweg 10 in Lisse, Netherlands.

To be able to participate in The New Fashion Faces casting event, candidates must meet a number of conditions:
• Women aged 13 to 21 years;
• Minimum length of 168 cm with the dress size between 32 to 38;
• Simple clothes (which body shapes compliment) and little makeup;
• Do not carry materials own portfolio;
• Tip: take pen and paper.
All candidates can register through the website or via Facebook: /
The candidate is under 18? Then it is required to take. Bring a letter of permission from the parents or guardians at the casting

and the most import an…. THE AGENCIES 

Metropolitan Models (France), ICE Models (Italy), Joy Model Management (Italy), Ragazza Model Management (NL), Diamond Entertainment (NL), NextGen Models (NL), A&P Models (NL).


So do you love modeling, do you live in the Netherlands or do you want to meet me in real life?

Come to Lisse at 29 november 2014/ 09.30 – 18.00.

I would love to meet you guys, let me know and send a message to me.

You know you love me pretty models,


Gossip Girl


Eline Colijn

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