My dreams



Hey guys, 


So everyone has dreams, and these are mine, I already have dream 5, my pink apple laptop.


1. Marry?

It sounds very cliché, but it seems really fun to get married! Its preparation, a beautiful dress and enjoying the day. But also be asked in marriage seems to me very, very special! I wonder if this has happened in 10 years! Maybe

2. A dog

My parents have a very sweet dog named Bo. Since I’m out of the house and living with my boyfriend I miss him now and then. It is such a sweetheart and he’s always happy. I can not wait to open the door to my parents to do and see that he runs back to me! Having a dog I feel so cozy. We also have a cat and it would be nice if he could get, right? With a boyfriend

3. With our kids to the beach

From childhood I have been to New Zealand on holiday. I thought it was super fun! Therefore, it seems very nice to have children in the future and also to carry. Them to the beach How cute is it for children with a bucket and a shovel to see!

4. A blog / beauty room

We are engaged in the search for a house. It would be really great if there remains a small room that I can appoint blog / beauty room! A private room for a nice blog, with makeup to be busy and a fine place for example to make my blog videos. (I know I should do this more often ..)

5. Still blogging

I hope that I can be. Working on my blog about 10 years still I love to be on it and there’s so much energy in stabbing!

6. Genuine pizza in Italy

I like pizza so yummy! Although I must say that I really do not like frozen pizza. Therefore it seems to me very much like to go sometime to Italy and eat pizza! It should be a world of difference being compared with the pizzas that we have in the Netherlands.

7. A Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 has been on my list of favorite cars! They are cute, compact and ideal for touring cars to get you around!

8. To Paris

Paris is my feeling really such a city where you should be! Been just once Therefore it seems to me incredibly fun sometime the Eiffel Tower in the really admire, to walk the streets and feel cute! Parisienne a





So what’s your dream? let me know




Gossip Girl


A.k.a. Eline Colijn


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