how to enlarge your chest !

Every woman knows how the chest affects the confidence. Many of them are trying to do everything they can to at least make their breasts bigger. From push-up bras till these“magical” pills.


However, a recent research showed us that there are actually a few types of food, which can help the process of enlarging your chest measurement. The reasoning behind the small-chested women is the hormonal disbalance – when the testosterone has a larger production, the breasts are smaller.

If this can be controlled by consuming a smaller amount of some fruits and vegetables, you can increase the level of estrogen in your system.

For example grain food, such as brown rice, oats and barley can help your chest grow. The producing of estrogen can be stimulated with cherries, blueberries, strawberries, chick-peas, parsle, different kinds of grain food and chicken meat.

Healthy proteins are also very important and they can be found in the carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, onion, cabbage, beetroot and the cauliflower.

After all, the food rich on proteins and minerals are important for the chest to enlarge.


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