I love the US and want to go on vacation to it!

SOOO which city do I have to go? What’s the best place and wich city do you live?


15 thoughts on “I love the US and want to go on vacation to it!

  1. Everybody goes to NY. It has wonderful museums and restaurants but it is NY. It is unique to itself. Instead of hitting a big city, try for small communities, like the beach communities in California or Arizona. Go to New Orleans for a taste of sassy and southern, old and new. Austin Texas is fun. Seattle Washington is laid back and mellow, home of starbucks. Waste a couple of days in NY or Chicago, but don’t settle there for the whole visit.

  2. You’ll see everything and everybody if you go to New York. California is cool too. I’m in Atlanta, Ga and we’re kinda a mesh between the two. Like the little Hollywood of the south.

  3. I live in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. When it comes to places worth visiting in the U.S. here’s my list: Key West, Fla., New York, NY, Washington D.C., Boston, MA., and last but not least San Francisco, CA.

  4. I don’t really like cities lol. But the Smokey Mountains are beautiful, not far from Atlanta or Lexington KY. I’m from New York State and Western New York has some nice places in Chataqua, Cattaraugus, and Wyoming counties, like the old order Amish, start of the Appalacian mtns, really cool towns like East Aurora and Hinsdale, etc.

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