Diary pimp !

Hey Gossers !




The Belle there was already an article about it and I’ve already written a blog about how you can pimp. Your agenda with the Belle But of course it’s also fun to decorate with other images, ‘em, and maybe you have a lot of pictures but do not know how you attach your doing fine on your calendar. Therefore, some practical examples: my calendar!


Dragonfly & Pinterest
There … I get most of the pictures come from. Combine that with masking tape and you are assured of friendly pages!
Sometimes I give the pages a theme, for example: blue, Norway, America, clothing, adventure, fairy tales, masking tape, photos with friends … It gives a nice effect.





Loesje & Willeke
… Provide the necessary fun in your diary. Dokus Jibbe and also do well – check out their sites and see.

Frills & pastes
… You’ll find anywhere! Lace, buttons, rope, ribbon … The blue box that you see in the picture was actually a torn envelope, but I liked the color so beautiful that I could not throw it away. So now he’s got given a second life as unnecessary frills-and-clutter-cleanup-box. Convenient, is not it? 🙂

Sometimes I saw beautiful pictures in the dragonfly that were too big to paste, but she had to have it! So I have a fold-open square of it. Many images are anyhow too big, but then I stick them on the weekend; there I almost never write something.

The result of all this: a very thick and heavy, but personal and beautiful calendar!


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