Hey Gossers,

I help you by packaging your suitcase ! ❤




Packing is the main but not the best preparation when it comes to holiday-related activities. Choosing the right things, in the right quantities and organize it all properly, can make the difference between a relaxing or stressful holiday.

So do not just throw anything in your suitcase so you have to tag along. With unnecessary pounds But decide which items you need – but really need – and place them neatly in piles.

Step 1: Start with the smaller, lighter items such as T-shirts and roll the folded items to save space.


Step 2: Take the heavier garments such as trousers and bundle it around a group of smaller, beaded pieces. This prevents them from getting creased and you do not iron when you arrive at your destination.


Step 3: Stop socks, pantyhose and panties in your shoes to save place. It is always convenient to do so that your clothes are not the soles. Dirty your shoes in plastic bags


Step 4: Check your bag again carefully. Do you have everything? And of course do not forget the important amenities like your Gillette Venus razor. Plug it into your toiletry bag along with all the other essential beauty items so you proof beauty on the beach appears at all.


And done! It is so simple to leave. Well prepared and stress-free holiday


You know you love me.






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