17 People Who Have Struggled With Their Weight On How They Got Fat

Thought Catalog

Found on Reddit.

1. Drinks.

Alcohol is such a diet killer. I put on so much weight when I went to college because of the amount I drank.

2. Eating while drinking.

For me it’s not so much about drinking (of course it affects too), it’s the eating that comes along with drinking alcohol. When I’m drunk I just can’t resist going to McDonald’s or getting a pizza. I haven’t eaten McDonald’s or other junk food sober for like a year. But when I’m drunk…

I’ve been weighting my self everyday since summer. My weight has stayed the same. On the weekdays, I always lose about a pound, but on the weekend I gain it back.

3. All my life.

I been fat my whole life. I would drink about 12 cans of Pepsi a day, plus I eat unhealthy food not many fruit or vegetables. As a…

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