Eyeko Me & My Shadow Shadow Liner

Eyeko Me & My Shadow

A great name for a great little product from Eyeko. The Eyeko Me & My Shadow Shadow Liner is basically a shadow stick with a flat brush at the other end so you can create a full lid or a lined lid – or a bit of both!

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Shadow Liner

I’ve got two shades here – Chocolate and Charcoal – and of course, the dark grey shade with a light shimmer is perfect for the kind of dark eye look that I like. There is a third shade in Taupe. They’re as you’d expect in terms of use – super-easy – literally just swipe a couple of times across the lid and you’re done for a vampy dark lid and the formula is very soft and creamy. They’re waterproof which can often knock out a bit of the blendability but not in this case.

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Shadow Liner

Here you can see where I’ve used the brush to blend out (in a very basic way) just so you can see the difference – as an actual ‘liner’ it’s rather chunky but I have Charcoal on just now and have done one strong line just above the lashes with the product blended out over the rest of the lid. In terms of staying put on the lid, it really does the job. Eyeko Me & My Shadow Shadow Liners are impressive – and handy as well if you’re travelling light. Charcoal is coming on holiday with me!

They’re £15 each HERE.




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