How to break up with someone you are not dating

The Pink Journals

Well let me first start off by explaining how this even happens. So below are three ways to know if you are metaphorically dating a person:

a) You find them somewhat attractive but your aren’t really attracted to them. They find you super hot. You hang out with them because they can be good company. They hang out with you because they think you are amazing.

b) You do dating stuff; like go on lunch and dinner dates, cook together and they even offer to drop you off at work when you’re late. You catch them staring at you with those “hey, i wanna kiss you” eyes.

c) You have a boyfriend/ girlfriend. And it’s not them

Ok so if you are experiencing one of these (or all ) with a person you are metaphorically dating (i made that term up by the way but it sounds kinda right so whatevs).

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