The best ( and most bizarre ) Facebook blunders :

The best ( and most bizarre ) Facebook blunders :

1 . Caught … !
A boy skipte a meeting with an excuse because he preferred to go to a concert . He was tagged by a friend who was unaware of the meeting , and his colleagues were furious.

2 . Condoms ? Hi, Mom !
A girl was not so happy when her boyfriend an article about condoms on her timeline set because her mother saw it .

3 . Tadada ex …
A boy responded to an old photo of a girl with her ex was making it into the timeline to see again . The girl was not happy that the ‘forgotten ‘ picture with the ex was happy for everyone to see again as if she had just posted that .

4 . Truancy ?
A while ago, took the twenty-two year old Kyle news : After a drunken night out , he decided to spend a day to stay home from work , and he made it publicized on his Facebook page . He just forgot that his boss had access to that page .

5 . Status first , only then tell
Janice changed her status from ‘In a relationship ‘ to ‘ Single’ , but forgot to report. Prior to her daughter Who was surprised : ” You and dad getting a divorce ?”


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