The most selfies do with … a ball shutter, either: a remote control for your smartphone



Hi Gossers,

Selfies are trendy ! Selfies are hot ! Yourself shooting and still as beautiful as possible too. The more selfies you make, the better you get to know your face. You know ultimately what profile is best , in whatever position you need to keep your head and face what you have to pull . Some young people are true experts in making selfies . They do not for a professional photographer .

The only limitation to ” selfies ‘ is … – you ‘ll all know – that you are on the screen of your mobile to press to take a picture . That takes a lot of experience . The cell balancing in one hand and a finger of the same hand you touch the touch screen to make . ’s Snapshot

And here comes the ‘ shutter Ball ‘ in pictures . A remote control for your smartphone. You keep your mobile phone in one hand , the ‘ shutter ‘ ball in your other hand and when you’re ready for the picture , press the button on the ” shutter Ball.


We have already tried one and it works perfectly ! It’s very simple. You install a particular app ( on the packaging indicated) and connects with the ball than your mobile phone. To create the images you use the app .


The ” shutter balls’ are not easy to find in the store , but on the internet you will find them. So you want one , you know where to look.


Love you,


XOXO Gossip girl






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