Celebs in action for kidnapped girls Nigeria

Hey Gossers!

Because the most Gossers here are girls, and probably also boys, I wanted to give some attention for kidnapped girls, and especially the kidnapped girls in Nigeria.


Angelina Jolie feels sick at the thought of the schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria . “My deepest fear is that it is too late , and they are already sold or abused ,” says the actress told the BBC .

Jolie is one of the stars of the campaign # BringBackOurGirls supports . Among others, Alicia Keys , Amy Poehler , Cara Delevingne and Leona Lewis showed through social media appear to have heart , for the cause while Anne Hathaway in Los Angeles with a megaphone called attention to the more than 200 girls who were abducted by 3 weeks ago Muslim group Boko Haram . The group threatened the girls to sell because they should get married. Follow education rather than

” What makes me angry is the culture of impunity that leads to this situation ,” said Angelina continue to BBC. ” Men have the idea that they can make , that girls not only have no right to education , but also that they are their own , and that they may abuse them , sell , raping it. And they probably do not go to jail , and that is our failure . “

Angelina has worked since May 2012 , together with the British Foreign Minister Willam Hague to tackle . Rapes and sexual violence in conflict zones.








Hope you love the action, girls and boys, reblog this to help the kidnapped girls!

Reblog if you wanna help them!

XOXO Gossip girls



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