Indonesian fashion and must haves: The Indonesian bag

Indonesian fashion and must haves:  The Indonesian bag-  you can buy it or maybe it’s something for a give-away? Let me know!



Hey lovely Gossers!


How are you today? I just thought: I never asked how you guys are instead of talking about my boring life. I hope you are all fine and if you are not, you will be after seeing this awesome fashion trend I’m going to start. The most important: I need your opinion! Without you, I’m nothing.

So we all know that girls love two things the most, bags and shoes: big ones, small ones, black ones, white ones, pink ones, yellow ones and fashionable ones, even when they are ugly, most of the time we wear them because they are beautiful, they make you look beautiful or because we need an awesome accessory.

I’m gonna introduce you: My awesome Indonesian bag which my lovely, crazy grandpa bought for me while he was in Indonesia.


If you love flowers, green, brown, white, black and all the other colors of the rainbow- You are also gonna like these one:


And girls (or boys), if you want to buy it, just let me know. And who knows I’m gonna sell it, or is it something for a give-away?

Lots of love, kisses and luck!

XOXO Gossip girl


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