Do or don’t?

I officially want the whole collection of these bags, the first one I’m going to buy is the pink one with the white stripe.

What do you think:

Do or don’t?
Which colour do you want?










Normally I don’t like backpacks I never had one before, only at the primary school I had a Didl and a Sesamstreat backpack. That’s not the one I would wear these days, so I was watching a pair of websites and saw these one. It was love at the first sight: I LOVE IT AND WANT IT. But there’s one problem: I don’t have money at the moment. So I hope by saving money I will have the backpack in a few months, then I will make up some pics an show them to you Gossers ! I love the pink color, the leather and the name of the bag is also freaking awesome: Candy Crush.




Bag Sale: 50 % off!

Image sl

So I have another message for you: Do you love bags? Then you exactly have 3 quarters to order a bag at this page, because there’s a sale off 50 percent on all bags! LET’S SHOP TILL YOU DROP!




Hope you like the bags.


XOXO Gossip girl





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