Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss


So Smashbox send me this lipgloss with the question to make a review for it on my blog, I said yes!:

Smashbox is a brand that I had heard lots of good stories only until recently it was not available in the Netherlands . Therefore, I heard many foreign bloggers over the beautiful brand Smashbox ! Recently it has become so available in the Netherlands and it gets at the Douglas increasing sales in , I was first introduced to Smashbox through these two wonderful lipglossjes !



Smashbox is a brand from LA that actually originated in the photo studios . Smashbox looked real good products which you even better in the picture would stand and that there is no immediate afsmolten if you stood under a hot lamp. Therefore you are familiar with all the well -known primers from Smashbox that make everyone the makeup is perfect remains, even under the hot lights in a photo studio ! And there they continued to an entire makeup line where everyone should feel at ease.


I show you today two beautiful colors Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss. The lip gloss Smashbox Be Legendary , a total of 16 different colors, where everyone can find something between . The packages I find all this very nice brand , a beautiful black box containing the printed product and some information . I always find a box of nice because you can keep the product clean and then I think there is always nicer to see a piece of . The lip gloss itself therefore has a fantastic look.


The lip gloss is thick plastic making the color of the product may see . Well in the middle The cap has a square matte appearance and is easy to clean by turning open. I also find the logo on the sleeve very nice look , yes, I really feel that I have a luxury product in my hands .


The applicator of lip looked a little different than I ‘m used applicators . This is quite wide and completely flat , I like this and then not at all fine . You can work with very precise , but fill in the color is what I find difficult . But the exact work I find a big plus , my lip gloss is often askew .


Swatches ! Left and right you see Pout Legendary . The colors are as you see not completely opaque , but definitely give it a nice color off ! Let ’s look at the swatches soon.


Legendary is a beautiful deep red color that just does not really pops on the lips from . He gives a beautiful and subtle red cover that I really like . Actually I find him perfectly and he also has another fantastic shine. The lip gloss is not sticky and feels very totally comfortable on my lips , so it’s really make up what you feel comfortable with . However, I regret that he does not stay down very well after a meal .


Then we have Pout , yet I myself am never a fan of this color , but it covers very nicely . However, he remains a bit behind the sheets are what I do not like so much , as you can see in the picture . For the rest , he feels very comfortable and it is a very fine gloss !





Smashbox has already stolen my heart a little bit with their products , they claim to have comfortable products for everyone and I think they certainly fulfill . Smashbox is a high end brand for € 22.00 for a natural lip gloss is not cheap , but I think it’s definitely worth it . Smashbox is sold in some stores and of course online Douglas in Douglas webshop ! Have you ever tried some of Smashbox and what you find favorites ?


This is the webshop of Smashbox: 


Thank you Smashbox for introducing me and others with your products!



XOXO Gossip girl


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