Tiny World in a Bottle

Tiny World in a Bottle

Good things really do come in small packages! While most of us spend our free time watching tv or lounging around on the couch, Japan native and architect Akinobu is busy; hard at work in creating an alternate universe. His art? Tiny worlds in a bottle. Look through the glass to see everything from dinosaur and tropical islands to couples kissing in the park! 


16 thoughts on “Tiny World in a Bottle

  1. how very interesting! I remember in the first grade, we had a “craft” we did – we took baby food jars – the smaller ones, and filled with sand. The teacher gave us tiny pebbles, shells, bits of wood so we could make “beach in a jar” and give to our moms for Mother’s day. This sort of reminds me of that – just not on such a tiny perfect scale.

    • I love your story! I wish I had done that for mother’s day, maybe a good idea for me for this year to try that, maybe some with miniature photo’s and then a glass which you can have a look on that makes it bigger, do you have any tips for me? XOXO

      • buy yourself a jar of baby food – I recommend the pears or peaches (really are good!). Here in the US, our mother’s day is 05/10 this year. Go through your photos and find some you don’t mind cutting up, for a personal touch. Google images you have in mind…got to a store where they have things to make jewelry from and see if they have tiny charms – baby shoe,, teddy bear….whatever puts you in mind of your mom – things she likes – camera, thimble, etc. get some long tweezers to place them. Another thing a friend’s daughter did in school – the lid for the jar – inside the seal area so you can screw it back on, she glued some things that hung down, or as she stood hers on the lid rather than bottom of jar, things that would stand up and be seen. She then put in about 1/2 tsp. of heavy glitter, small confetti that would settle. She put water in the jar, put on the lid and sealed tightly, and then stood up. when shook, it was like a snow globe. Look at things about you and imagine them in miniature. then look for tiny things of what you imagine. Some craft stores where people make doll houses or scrap books, have things in miniature. My mother always wanted to go to the carribean – so this year, as a lark, I am doing the baby jar thing – but with s bit of white sand, teensy shells, tiny plastic palm tree and tiny drink with an umbrella, I am giving her her own trip t the carribean to imagine as she will. I took part of a small picture if a beach I found and will glue in the jar, like a backdrop.

      • Thank you a lot for the tips!:) Love your tips, I’m happy you helped me with this! I’m going to start tomorrow, because then the shops are open. What sort of bottle do you thin I have to use? XOXO

      • I am not sure how they sell baby food in your country. In ours, they sell in jars – smaller jars for I guess, pureed food for smaller babies and larger jars for toddlers eating more solid stuff. I don’t know much a bout babies. But…I do know they are a wonderful size and the taller ones you can do all sorts of things with, use taller items. Gerber, a company here, makes wonderful foods like apples, peaches, pears. they actually taste very good and make a nice snack! LOL, I found this out from a long gone boyfriend who had an interesting baby food fetish. I’ve used the pureed fruits in quick breads to add extra moisture and flavor. Buy a jar of apples, peaches, blueberry buckle and have yourself a rather innocent little snack, then use the jar for your craft. The jar doesn’t have to be thin – just a standard thickness. Some canning jars are squatties – 1/2 pint, wide mouthed, and about 3 inches high. You can purchase some sort of small jar, glass container at a craft shop, but the baby food jar is going to be the cheapest and easiest to obtain. One reason why they are frequently used for craft items for children’s activities because of this. Everybody knows somebody who has a baby who is eating that jarred food and happy to save. They are a nice simple squat or taller shape and the lid seals back nicely, but as in the case a terrarium, they also come off easily for the occasional venting of it. you can buy at green houses, tiny ferns or other tiny plants. you would just need a tiny bit of sand for bottom layer and then a bit of potting soil. add moss, pebbles, plant. I use them to start seeds for my garden – little miniature greenhouses. you could make a lovely little arrangement of small silk flowers or tiny figures of clay you sculpt yourself.
        https://www.google.com/search?q=images+miniature+items+in+baby+food+jars&rlz=1T4WQIA_enUS564US565&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=IL9nU_uyGvjKsQTq0IAI&ved=0CCcQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=589 A lot of this is junk, but you may get some ideas. I searched for miniature items in baby food jars.

      • Only the baby food and not diapers and such. but oh my, where he wanted to put the baby food and enjoy…..oh my my. LOL I can look at baby food peaches without smile, after all this time.

      • Nope, if I eat a jar of baby food, I have fun. However, it was where he put the baby food and then ate. he used it like body paint. amazing.

      • you can give it at any time! they love suprises – or at least, mine does. I just thought, a tiny terrarium would be cool – a bit of moss, tiny tiny stones, tiny bit of wood….

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