The Wimp And The Worrier


I saw my crush yesterday and literally ran away.

The whole back-story about him can be found here: Holy Shit I Hugged My Crush   (Yeah you can just click on it).

So I was walking to the foodcourt to have lunch with my friends, when I suddenly saw Alex walking with his friends like 2 meters ahead of us. I started panicking because I hadn’t been prepared to see him. I hadn’t seen him during the 2 weeks since college has started (and my college is HUGEE).

The Worrier

For some unknown reason, I had been half hoping that he had transferred out or something. Reason being, after the hug on Valentine’s Day, we had messaged a bit, and it had been so freaking awkward. I was asking all the questions, and he just replied, without asking anything in return. Then he would add a damn smiley face at the end of his…

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3 thoughts on “The Wimp And The Worrier

  1. I wanted to stop by to say Thank You for visiting Booknvolume 😉 I hope you enjoyed your time there 🙂

    Joy and Happiness Blossom like Spring into your Life~

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