Very Inspiring Blogger Award


This is kinda exciting. I’ve been nominated to do the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award. I didnt even know this existed. You have to share 7 facts about yourself and nominate 15 others in the bloggersphere. Before I get going, a big thank you to Cherelle Jones for the nomination.

The Rules

  • Share the rules with the ones you have nominated so they know how it works.
  • Give whoever nominated you a big shout out and link to his/ her blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself with your followers.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers of your choice.

7 Facts about Moi

1. I’m allergic to milk, but I can eat chocolate, because I love it and I need it.

2. I really am a girl ^^


3. I love the style of Marilyn Monroe, she’s dead but still alive.





4. Ready for a bit of mush? I just had a boyfriend once, and I’m already nineteen: I mean am I that ugly?

5. You will never catch me without lipstick on a saturday night.

6. I love singing and I have been taking sing lessons for my whole life

7. My best friends live in the same street as me


You want to know more about me? Just ask! If you want me to nominate you? Just ask


Who I Nominate

  1. Han Dekker-
  2. Though Catalog-
  3. Vintage 45-
  4. Tom fernandez-
  5. Bug Bytes-
  6. Kymo-
  7. Food and Swine
  8. My fox-
  9. Jewelery store-
  10. Two eye and a mind-
  11. Convocatorias Barcelona
  12. My turn to talk
  13. Writing the pages of life
  14. Grahams Crackers
  15. Bend it like Becker

And there you have it, congratulations to everyone nominated and don’t forget to send me your links.

Have a lovely weekend you delightful bunch xx


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